From time to time, having some fun relieves stress and rejuvenates people. Organizing some fun events for your staff is a sure way to promote the much-needed team spirit in them and promote a cordial relationship between them. Make fun events a part of your company event planning strategies and experts say this is a proven way to enhance productivity. Regular routines are always boring and overburdening. It steals the energies of people gradually leaving them with a feeling of exhaustion and irritability.

Advancements in managerial practices have stressed the importance of motivating the employees and relaxing them from time to time to boost up performance. Studies show that team building fun events promote cooperation, enhance employee satisfaction, broaden their understanding of the company’s goals and increase the overall performance of an organization. Here is an expert discussion on how to organize fun company events.

Best practices in organizing fun events

  • Innovate events that mimic the challenges and struggles that the employees face in your organization.
  • Physically challenging or highly taxing events destroy the very purpose of fun events.
  • Ensure that the nature of the events organized very well suit every team member’s abilities and interest.
  • Outdoor events produce great results as they mean an escape from the closed doors.
  • Follow up the event very well. Never miss out an opportunity to learn some lessons and implement them to make things work better in future attempts.
  • Events must neither be too light nor too much draining. Let there be a balance of both fun and challenge.
  • Outsourcing experienced professionals to conduct the events is a good idea. Discuss your situation, expectations and corporate goals with the professionals to fine tune the events to your scenario.

Here are five tips to organize the most successful fun event for your employees – 

1. Invent an inspiring theme

This is something that the organizer must give enough importance to. Sit with the top management personnel and conduct a brainstorming session to finalize a theme for the event. The theme must ably reflect the tone and purpose of the event planned by the company. For example, a software company looking forward to surging forward beating the competition can name the event as “Rocket to the top with your team”. There is something magical about catchy titles for fun events. In fact, they play a big role in deciding the event’s success.

2. Let the entire campus vibrate

Let the event be the hottest topic and prime talk of the company. Stir excitements and fuel everyone’s imagination through memos, bulletin boards, internal meetings and posters and arouse the curiosity in the people. It is also a good idea to circulate a list of objectives regarding the meet. Conduct a survey prior to the event and announce the results of the event. Delegate some personnel to make a business presentation and some teams to create the events.

3. Balance energy, enterprise, and entertainment

Trigger involvement by employing diverse kinds of team building activities. In between, you can also have some enterprise sections featuring some discourses on future and present-day challenges before the company. Include some interesting team games and outdoor challenges. During mealtime gatherings, include some social elements like entertainments and awards. On the whole, how the events are sequenced and balanced is very important. At the end of every day, close the events with a clear note of commitment and confidence.

4. Make innovative use of videos and photographs

Use a professional videographer to document the event. You may supply copies of the event to the participants at the end of the event. Also, it is highly useful to post the photographs on the bulletin boards, in the cafeteria and also publish them in your company newsletter. Make them available at the company’s website to be accessed by the family members after logging in. you can also include some carefully edited sections of the videos in your promotional campaigns that will speak highly of your corporate ethics suggesting you go that extra mile to keep your employees happy.

5. Add a personal touch

Let the participants perceive the link between the team building events and individual actions. Let the participants respond to the event by filling in commitment cards and action plan lists. They can be asked to provide some personal promise statements to inspire others too. The purpose is to make them shift to the new behavior expected of them. Let the participants share their lists. Congratulate and reward the participants, organizers and distribute some great mementos that will make them happy.

Fun company events certainly assure high returns on investment. They are motivating and have the capacity to break the monotony and instill new sets of behaviors in the participants. However, to achieve the said objectives, the organizer must plan the events properly by ensuring a big teamwork among the organizing volunteers and the top management.

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