If you can predict professional football games, chances are you probably know how to do college football predictions as well. Be that as it may, there also a few differences between the two. We will now review some of the most common differences between a college football bet and a professional football bet.

To predict the winner in a professional football game, the very first thing you need to do is wait until the draft is finished. Because it is impossible to predict which player will still be on the roster after the draft has ended. Conversely, one does not have to wait for any draft to finish in college football because it is a simple matter of common sense.

The senior class will no longer be qualified to participate in college football once they have graduated. Hence the remaining students will most likely remain in the football team, hence making your prediction still as accurate without having to wait. Be that as it may, there is still an off chance that the remaining player will not be present at the college football tournament the following year.

Perhaps the young player has been offered a spot in the NFL draft as a junior or a sophomore player. However, even if this should happen, the university is always first told of a team’s interest in the college player. Therefore, it is easy to predict college football because you will also know the college player who is about to be drafted out by the end of the current season.

Besides players, you need to also check if there is any change in the coaching. Typically, if the football program is consistently winning on a yearly basis, the coach will stick around for as long as it takes. Most decent coaches stay for decades before finally retiring from the football field.

A coach is the heart of the team, and hence cannot be ignored. A coach makes the vast difference because different coaches come with their own strategies and philosophies on winning the game. Hence it is important to take note whether the coach is pro-offense or pro-defense.

Moving back to the players, you may now be able to guess next season’s line up of players. The players who aren’t seniors in the current season would definitely be staying whereas the students who are drafting out will also be known before you end a season. This leaves space for guessing the quality of the new players for next season.

Fortunately, you can also find out the capability of a potential player even before a season starts with the help of university representatives whose job is to go out and discover great high school talent. So now that you have the roosters done, you next need to look at the football schedule which includes events such as the Southeastern Conference (SEC) as well as the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The last thing you would have to do before completing your college football predictions is to predict the outcome of each game your team will undergo by doing research on other teams as well.

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