Have you ever gone to a place, and by taking one step out of the airplane you feel like you already belong? Or, a place where even with the knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages, you still would want to stay longer? That has got to be Las Vegas.

Inasmuch as other states like Florida are also lovable and full of all admirable things, there’s something about Las Vegas that makes it home to many, more especially to the visitors.

Here are 5 reasons why I say so;

Food and drinks

Las Vegas surpasses all others cities when it comes to food and drinks. It has many nice coffee shops and restaurants, all of which have very good stuff. People travel to different places just to have their meals in this city. Many of them, in a bid not to forget the places, take photos with their phones as others just write down the names of the new places they visit. Some of Las Vegas’s food scenes include the bakeries, vegan’s cafes, awesome BBQ joints, donut bars, Farm-to-Table restaurants, creperies, frozen cocktail bars, tea places and steakhouses among others.

The people

Las Vegas’s people really know how to make you feel at home even when you are a stranger. For instance, anyone you meet would want to know where you are from, what took you there and also share with you some of the things they enjoy.

Talk of politics; you realize that Las Vegas has all mixture of people. There are the progressive hipsters, a mix of liberal, conservative Catholic old men and women, and all included. From the look, there’s a very good balance as well as independence among the people.

Funnily, you may not know who’s going to stop you next or who you’ll meet again. However, there’s a possibility that you’ll come across several locals, who, apparently, have stayed there for a long period of time. Most of the time when you meet them, they’ll tell you that they have lived there for that long time because they simply love the city, and are not ready to leave for another place. They’ll even suggest to you why you should also consider making it your home. With this, you’ll definitely find it hard to think of leaving.

The many things to do

If you are a person who always wants to get involved in activities here and there, then Las Vegas is the city for you. There are definitely lots of things to do there. The warmer months, for instance, come with so many outdoor activities such as Farmer’s Markets, Beer Festivals, floral arranging classes, 5K’s, outdoor concerts, shopping, movies on the lawns, embroidery stitching workshops, excellent firework shows, Art Festivals, Coffee Cuppings and antique shows. There’s absolutely something for each and every person.

During winter seasons, you’ll always find lots of warm, expedient cafes and the coffeehouses. As you walk into them, probably weekly, you’ll realize that you have walked in just a few of them.

The regional geography

When you are in Las Vegas, you are at liberty of staying where you want. If you are a city person, for example, you can stay in it, or, if not, you can live in any of the small towns in the neighborhood. In Las Vegas, you can be sure to enjoy the serenity.


If you are looking for Las Vegas hotels to spend in for as long as you want, there’s no better city than Las Vegas. With your family, friends or just alone, you can enjoy the peaceful, quiet environment in any of the cheap yet classy hotels; ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas, The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino among others..Very comfy and classy, the facilities are always very clean and well kept, and most of all, have very cost friendly prices.

Visit Las Vegas and enjoy the beauty nature has deposited in this place.

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