When it comes to exercising, it is easy to steer off course especially if you are a beginner. Even the most experienced athletes get bored with their routine once in a while. Most people often go hard for the first few weeks or even for a few months, unfortunately, most of them stall after their short-term motivation dwindles. Most of them get discouraged once they see no results since they think that great can be achieved in just a few weeks. The following are 16 ways to make your workout more fun:

Set goals

If you want to achieve something it is always the best idea to set goals towards achieving it. Goals are essential to long-term progress. It acts as a reminder that you have something that must be achieved. Unless you want to waste your time in the gym, you need to set specific, measurable and achievable (realistic) goals.

Write your goals down

Setting goals are easy but writing your goals down is what it takes to ensure that you achieve these goals. Having well written out goals, limit the likelihood that you will stray when the going gets tough. If your goal is gaining strength, you can graph your weekly progress towards a new program. If your goal is to have a good physique, you can take pictures regularly so that you can see if you are making progress or not.


There are those moments when you can exercise while at the same time do something else. For example when on the treadmill, you can catch up on a podcast, or sing along your favorite song to motivate you.

Crank the tunes

Listening to your favorite music while working out has several benefits. It gives you the nerve to work out harder, puts you in the mood, gets you in the zone and even distracts from the task at hand. The best way of ensuring that you listen to your favorite music without interfering with the rest of the team or members is by using Bluetooth headphones. They are not just convenient but they will not interfere with your workout rhythm.

Have a fitness log

Having a training log is important in a number of ways, for example, it will help you keep a record of the far you have come, keeps you focused, enables you to see the progress you are making so far and above all it reminds you of your achievements. On top of that, fitness logs also help you to learn more about your body, what works and what does not work for you, your nutrition and also your training.

Get a training buddy

When it comes to working out, especially if you are a beginner, finding a training partner is very important. However, it is important to seek out the experts. Get a partner who knows more than you, a partner who will guide you on what to do and how to do it.

Change your workout program

It is normal to find people beginning their workouts with the most challenging exercises and end with simple workouts. Although there are benefits to doing this, it can create boredom and you might end up not even doing the most important workouts. Therefore, you can change your program and begin with the easiest exercises and end with the most demanding workouts.

Shorten your workout program

You do not have to stay in the gym for three or four hours to see results. In fact staying in the gym or exercising room does not mean that you are actually working out. Doing this breeds boredom. Instead shorten your workout program once in a while. Focus on compound exercises and hit the other areas when you have time.

Never go more than two weeks without a change

This is one of the basic plateau workout tips used by most fitness gurus. A plateau is basically a point in time where you go more than two weeks without any type of progress. You should avoid this as it is a recipe for boredom. In order to avoid boredom or plateau setting into your training regimen, you should ensure that after every two weeks you do something new or you change your program.

Switch equipment

The best way of preventing boredom during workouts is by switching your workout equipment. For example, if you use kettlebells, you can change and use dumbbells instead. Instead of jogging you can ride a bicycle or even use the treadmill or elliptical machine.

Join a team

To stay motivated and encouraged, you should consider joining a team or an exercise group. There are various fitness classes you can join. Not only will group training enable you to exercise without getting bored, but it will enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

Never Quit

Most people find it hard to keep up with the pain, fatigue and muscle soreness associated with exercising. It is important for you to understand that your mind is the most powerful weapon you have. Therefore when you are about to quit, rely on your brain to push you through that extra mile and you will achieve your goals.

Bring in the professionals

If you want to be motivated and ensure that your workout program is more fun, request a professional to come in and guide you as a personal trainer. Most professionals are eager to help when called upon.

Rest and allow for recovery

It is important to point out those muscle fibers to break down during workouts and rebuild into bigger, stronger muscles during rest and recovery. Always have rest days in between your training program. Additionally, ensure that you get adequate sleep each and every night; at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Know and understand your weaknesses

Everybody has his or her weakness in almost every field. But, what makes a difference is how you address your weaknesses. To ensure that you tackle your weaknesses right, you should, first of all, learn them and then make sure that you work on them on a daily basis until you realize that they are not your weakest parts or workouts anymore.

Try something new

We like to try new things and this applies to work out. If you want to make your exercise program enjoyable, do not fear to try out new techniques. You will be amazed by how effective new techniques are in improving your energy levels.

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